pars ibe features

Flight Search

PARS IBE has an easy to use graphical flight search interface that enables passengers to input their departure and destination airports and a list of possible flights are displayed for them to choose from.

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Add Passengers

our system is designed with the flexible that allows booking agents/fliers add as many passengers as they want. The system automatically duplicates the forms to accommodate the number of passengers added

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Seat Selection

Primal Aero’s loyalty system provides a new perspective on customer loyalty management programs and establishes the infrastructure needed for utilizing the customer base with analytics and intelligent campaign management utilities

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Make Payments

Offering a choice of payment methods across airlines’ key markets and sales channels can add significantly to their revenue. However, adding new forms of payment involves managing infinite intricacies such as working with multiple vendors and systems to ensure the corresponding transactions are processed within a reasonable time. PARS IBE Payment Gateway takes this intricacy out of the equation and ensures airline finance and IT teams are on the same page. We combine the payment gateway services of major industry experts with our deep understanding of airline financial ecosystem, to create a highly scalable and resilient platform.

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Manage Bookings

PARS IBE allows passengers the flexibility to alter some aspects of their booking. Passengers can reschedule their flights, make new booking, book ancillary products such as excess baggage or insurance., change their seat, add special services requests (wheel chair, vegetarian meal), and enter their FFP ID for loyalty rewards. The possibilities of what passengers can do on PARS IBE are limitless.

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Our system allows passengers to check-in online from the comfort of their home, office, or hotel room. This gives them the opportunity to select their preferred seat and chose from a wide range of travel products (hotels, meals, car renters etc). With our online check-in system, airlines can save money on paper costs and reduced personnel; passengers also have the chance to get their preferred seat and bypass lines and hassle at the airport

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IAAS, SAAS, and Cloud Hosting

Primal Aero also provides Cloud Hosting and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) offerings as part of its software as a service (SAAS) model.

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Global Standards

Primal Aero's technologies and digital solutions are designed to the highest degrees of accuracy and comformance to global standards including IATA, ICAO, A4A, and the OpenAPI Initiative.