Global Messaging System

Information exchange between participants in the aviation industry is essential to the efficient running of commercial airlines. Primal Aero’s Global Messaging system provides effective Internal and external Messaging both within the airline company, and with other airlines/service providers, airports, government regulatory bodies ensuring the smooth and effective operations of a successful airline.

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Agent Portal Plus

Primal Aero’s Agent Portal provides full, realtime control and flexibility to manage Agents, agent roles and permissions, and other agent activities, enabling airlines to activate/deactivate an agent immediately if necessary – Giving airlines full control of sales and risk management

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RealTime DataFeeds

Primal Aero’s Realtime Messaging system provides crucial airline operation data like Flight and seat availability, inventory reporting, schedules, fares and prices changes, passenger CheckIn, ADL and PNL data, among others, ensuring smooth airline operations.

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IAAS, SAAS, and Cloud Hosting

Primal Aero also provides Cloud Hosting and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) offerings as part of its software as a service (SAAS) model.

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