PARS DCS Components

CHeckIn Systems

Our system allows passengers to check-in online from the comfort of their home, office, or hotel room. This gives them the opportunity to select their preferred seat and chose from a wide range of travel products (hotels, meals, car renters etc). With our online check-in system, airlines can save money on paper costs and reduced personnel; passengers also have the chance to get their preferred seat and bypass lines and hassle at the airport.

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Flight Status

Flight status of an airline informs passengers about the updates and changes regarding its schedule.
We believe passengers deserve to be informed about the status of their flight, so we have developed an algorithm that captures all possible IATA approved statuses so our passengers can be adequately informed about any changes to their flight.

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Boarding Pass and BagTag Printing

We have simplified the process of generating and printing boarding passes for passengers. Passengers can securely check-in to their flights through PARS DCS and print their boarding pass directly from the convenience of their couch. Alternatively, they can wait to get to the airport and have their boarding pass issued to them at check-in point. An extra layer of security has been put in place to ensure one boarding pass is not used more than once.

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Baggage Handling and Reconciliation Itinerary

Airlines provide air transport not only for the passengers, but for their baggage as well. However, from time to time passengers and their baggage may get separated, and there are costs incurred in locating the baggage and returning it to the passenger. These situations create a need for managing, controlling and monitoring the additional costs, as well as ensuring proper tracking of passenger baggage and other cargo, especially during interline or connecting Flights.

Primal Aero’s DCS makes baggage tracking and reconciliation a straight forward process with it’s efficient interface and global standards conformant baggage management system.

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Manifest Generation

The importance of having a comprehensive manifest cannot be overemphasized as it contains essential information about passengers that is used by different stakeholders in the aviation industry. PARS DCS offers a flight manifest solution which allows airlines to easily create and maintain accurate flight manifests. The flexibility of our system allows for both sending soft copy to designated mail addresses and printing hard copy.

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Seat Selection

PARS DCS has a graphical display of real time dynamic seat map of aircraft. Our aircraft seat mapping is colour coded to indicate the different categorisation of seats such as available seats, reserved seat, occupied seats, and blocked seats. Passengers can scroll through available seats and select any seat of their choice.

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IAAS, SAAS, and Cloud Hosting

Primal Aero also provides Cloud Hosting and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) offerings as part of its software as a service (SAAS) model.

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Global Standards

Primal Aero's technologies and digital solutions are designed to the highest degrees of accuracy and comformance to global standards including IATA, ICAO, A4A, and the OpenAPI Initiative.