internet Booking Engine

Primal Aero’s IBE (Internet Booking Engine) has a convenient graphical user interface that allows for designing targeted booking processes and offers, and providing insights from different market segments.

The airline internet booking engine solution (PARS IBE) allows multi-channel integration for sales and reservations via web, mobile, call centres, on-site kiosks or front desks with full a back-end integration with each customer touch point.

Primal Aero’s Internet Booking Engine (PARS IBE) for airlines can be connected to Global Distribution System (GDS) and other travel content sources. Our IBE is also available in more than 10 languages, supports all common currencies and integrates with major secure payment gateways

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web & Mobile Applications

Equipped with the latest technology, the Primal Aero Mobile App is a fast and smart application, allowing airlines to take the customer experience to new heights. A modulus structure of the software and customizable layouts allow airlines to create an application based on their business strategy and reduces time to market.

A seamless integration with Primal Aero’s PSS, API and other solutions makes a fast delivery of a complex tool possible. Ancillary sales at every touchpoint and personalized offers boost revenue and help to monetize the mobile presence.

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IAAS, SAAS, and Cloud Hosting

Primal Aero also provides Cloud Hosting and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) offerings as part of its software as a service (SAAS) model.

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Global Standards

Primal Aero's technologies and digital solutions are designed to the highest degrees of accuracy and comformance to global standards including IATA, ICAO, A4A, and the OpenAPI Initiative.